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Holidays to Capri

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Holidays to Capri

Lying off the west coast of Italy, Capri is a great location for a winter holiday, no matter what pursuits you're looking to enjoy.

As an island which rises majestically from the bright Tyrrhenian Sea, it's a holiday destination which looks spectacular from whichever direction you approach.

Many thousands of years ago part of the Italian mainland, the island is nevertheless now adrift in the Bay of Naples, and easily reached by sea transport from both this city and, closer at hand, Sorrento.

A one-time British colony which was regarded as 'a second Gibraltar', Capri is a tiny island, covering an area of just four square miles, which rose to prominence in the 1950s, thanks to its mix of a hospitable Mediterranean climate and the lush, green landscape which covers most of its area.

On a holiday to Capri, you're likely to encounter a range of unusual wildlife, including peregrine falcons, geckos, eels and a range of rare and exotic fish. But you're likely to be left even more open-mouthed by the conspicuous displays of wealth on show in the main settlement, Capri Town, whose narrow, winding streets are lined with upmarket shops, galleries and restaurants.

Also within easy reach just off the coast, and a delight for underwater explorers, are the Blue Grotto underwater caves which are home to a host of

The cuisine of the island bears the hallmarks of all that's best about Italian food, but sprinkles in a mix of its own resources and styles to provide plenty of variety and choice to the most demanding visitor on a Capri holiday, while remaining surprisingly affordable.

A popular destination for daytrippers, the pace winds down in the evenings on a Capri holiday. A good range of hotels is available, mostly a couple of hours of less transfer time from Naples airport.

Beaches, history and culture – all are on hand on a holiday in Capri in generous quantities, and with no compromise on quality. So contact us today to speak to one of our friendly and clued-in advisers to find out more about what this delightful island has to offer, and available dates for Capri holidays to fit in with your requirements.


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