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Travel Money

Preparing to go on holiday is an exciting time and we all have a thousand and one things to remember, like making sure we have our holiday spending money before we get to the airport!

At Co-operative Travel, we have great a range of currencies available - If you’re off to France or Spain we have Euros, or if you are heading to the Eastern Mediterranean this year and need Turkish Lira, Croatian Kuna or Bulgarian Lev we can offer you great rates on all these currencies, plus many more.

If you are going on a cruise, remember that you may need travel money in more than one currency, for example Norwegian Krone & Euros if your cruise includes a visit to the Fjords and other European cities.

Taking the holiday of a lifetime? We can arrange Australian & New Zealand Dollars and for North American holidays we have US and Canadian Dollars as well as Mexican Peso's.

We always recommend that you buy your currency in plenty of time as stocks can be low during peak holiday season. Use our store locator to find your nearest Midcounties Co-operative Travel branch where you'll find great rates on all our currencies.

If you are concerned about carrying large amounts of cash when you travel, why not look into our Cash Passports, which are a simple & convenient alternative to hard currency.

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Travel Money
Travel Money

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