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Holidays to Prague

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Stunningly beautiful, cheap weekend breaks in Prague take you to the City of a Thousand Spires. Whilst we haven’t managed to count them all yet, you can count on us to search for the cheapest deals on last minute Prague city breaks.

There are around 500 spectacular steeples punctuating the Prague city skyline, and Prague package city breaks land you in a city rich in Bohemian, Gothic and Baroque architecture, with a heritage spanning 700 years. Few European city breaks have Prague’s cultural legacy of 14th century synagogues, churches, palaces and monuments, presided over by the magnificent Charles Bridge which spans the River Vltava. Search for your perfect Prague city break now, visit us in store, call, or book online.

Great for…

Parties – The vibrant nightlife in Prague is unmatched across Europe.

Culture – History, beautiful buildings, and world-renowned classical music.

Couples –Prague’s refined culture and delightful cuisine creates a truly romantic atmosphere.

Flight time:

2 hours

Average high temperature:

-1°C (January) – 17°C (August)

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Old Town

Prague's most popular districts are the Old Town and the New Town. Most of the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and homes many of the city’s major tourist spots. As well as having Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, Wenceslas Square, and the medieval Prague Astronomical Clock, the Old Town includes some of the city’s best bars, restaurants and shops. Staying in the Old Town will also give you access to the more modern New Town.

New Town

Accommodation in the New Town is generally cheaper than places to stay in the Old Town, but you’ll still just be 15 minutes away from the city’s most popular landmarks. That’s not to say that there isn’t still plenty to do and see in the New Town, such as visiting the ruins of a medieval fortress, Charles Square, and the beautiful botanical gardens. When you’re finished sightseeing, you can enjoy some of the many shops and tempting restaurants.

Must visit – Cheap Prague city breaks offer an abundance of reasonably-priced restaurants, pavement cafes and lively beer gardens, particularly in the cosmopolitan New Town (circa 1348), which also boasts chic nightclubs and leafy riverside parks. Prague is rivalled only by Berlin for its passion for beer with almost as many bars as churches, and several good breweries too.

A Prague holiday is perfect for anyone hungry for culture, with its awesome architecture, historic landmarks, and world-famous symphony orchestra. Just make sure you have time to fit in an exploration of both the whole of New Town and the Old Town!

Family fun – Prague is a holiday destination that is more typically associated with group holidays and couples holidays, but there is plenty for parents and children with a taste for culture to do. Prague zoo, the castle’s Toy Museum, and the Miniatures Museum are all family favourites, and there are also plenty of child-friendly places to eat. The city’s parks and gardens are often bordered by the stunning architecture of historic buildings, where children will love to run across the gorgeous greens and parents will revel in the charming atmosphere.

Natural attractions – Prague’s beauty lies mainly in its sophisticated and often historic buildings, but it’s well worth taking a drive or a day trip to immerse yourself in the Czech Republic’s stunning natural beauty. The Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the Saxon Switzerland National Park are both within a couple of hours’ drive from Prague, and showcase the majesty of the country’s winding rivers and awe-inspiring forested hills. Bohemian Paradise is an hour’s drive away too, where rock formations tower into the air against a backdrop of lush green trees.

Culture and history – The city is dominated by its ancient 14th century castle. Officially the largest in the world, the halls, towers, palaces and churches describe every architectural style of the last thousand years.  All Prague city breaks should include the Romanesque Basilica of St George and the Gothic St Vitus Cathedral.

Take time too, to marvel at the mediaeval Mathematical Clock in the Old Town – the only working example in the world. Another “must see” – particularly for those booking short breaks at Christmas – is Wenceslas Square, which was originally a 13th century horse market.

Food and drink – Prague’s cuisine is rich and hearty, with stews and soups, sauces and sausages tantalising the taste buds. Goulash is a ubiquitous dish across Prague, and its thick meaty richness is found on practically every restaurant menu. Dumplings are a delicious must too, alongside fresh sourdough bread and stewed cabbage. Sweet pastries make for a lovely dessert or daytime snack, and menus will also offer desserts that include sweet buns, sponge cake, custard pudding, pancakes, and biscuits such as Pernik. Let’s not forget about the famously popular Czech beers, and you MUST try grilled cheese from a street food stall!

Night life – Prague is a popular destination for stag and hen parties for a reason: the nightlife can get wild! Czech beers are among the cheapest and tastiest in the world, and you’ll have a wide range of choices of where to drink them. From romantic nightspots and charming bars, to vibrant drinking holes and lively nightclubs, Prague at night is an exciting place to be. The best places to try for a great evening out lie close to Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square.

Need to know

  • Local language - Czech
  • Currency - Czech Koruna
  • Visa requirements - If you have a UK passport, you shouldn’t need a visa to visit Prague.
  • Average Transfer time - 2 h
  • Tourist information -

  • Airport: - Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (PRG)
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Type of Holidays:                                                               

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