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Holidays to Egypt

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Egypt’s eternal appeal is its mysterious history, year-round sunshine, ancient architecture, and the contrast between the sweeping arid deserts and the turquoise waters perfect for diving.

Holidays to Egypt have become enormously popular due to their diversity and excellent all-inclusive opportunities. There are places to relax and sunbathe in all-inclusive bliss, while there are other areas that are filled with the exciting bustle of the Egyptian bazaar. There are exquisite oceans to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive, as well as unforgettable ancient sites to explore like the pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Alongside all these wonderful places to visit, you’ll also find plenty to taste, with Egypt’s tantalising cuisine and its intoxicating Middle Eastern-style flavours.

Great for…

  • Sun-worshippers ­– Egypt’s climate is warm all year round
  • Watersports fans – The sea around Egypt teems with corals and underwater life, and offers opportunities for countless watersports
  • History buffs – Few countries in the world have more of a connection with their ancient past than Egypt – just check out the pyramids and the city of Luxor!

Flight time:

Around 5.5 hours non-stop

Average high temperature:

18°C (January) - 33°C (August)

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Hurghada offers more than 20 miles of unbelievably pleasant coastline, and these powder-soft sands and this deep blue sea lure visitors from across the world to the resort’s shores. Snorkelling, kite surfing, and diving are particularly popular in and around Hurghada, and help to attract hundreds of thousands of eager tourists each year. If you want to miss the crowds, try to visit between March and October.

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh lies next to the glittering Red Sea and offers a vibrant, welcoming holiday atmosphere. This is the resort to choose if sandy white beaches, coral reefs beneath the sea, and an astonishing desert landscape are all on your Egyptian “To Do” list. The 5* all-inclusive hotels are particularly famous here, many of which have their own luxurious private beach.

El Gouna

Staying at El Gouna combines the joys of a sandy beach holiday with the opportunity for visiting one of Egypt’s historical sites. Glass-bottom boat trips are perfect for visitors who don’t fancy diving, and the resort’s two beautiful beaches are among the most blissful in the country. From El Gouna you can also take a 48-hour excursion to Luxor, which is known as a “living museum” where you’ll find many of the country’s most famous landmarks, including the Valley of the Kings and the temple ruins of Karnak.

Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is one of Egypt’s more secluded resorts, where the Red Sea offers up its marine secrets to swimmers, snorkelers, and divers alike. This is a resort that provides both relaxation and an escape from the busiest tourist resorts, as well as a world-class championship golf course on which to practice your swing. Hurghada is just 20 minutes away.


Known as an open-air history museum, Luxor is the spot to visit for visitors wanting some culture during their holiday to Egypt. You can visit the famous Valley of the Kings and explore its many tombs, including that of Tutankhamun, as well as see the magnificent 60ft-tall Colossi of Memnon. This is one magical holiday destination that you will never forget visiting.

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam used to be a small fishing village, but its heat and white-golden beaches were always destined to be a hit with tourists. This is everything that an Egyptian holiday can offer, all boiled down into one gloriously sun-kissed arena. You have sand, sea, and seafood all at your fingertips, and can also access the true Egyptian culture by taking a day trip to Cairo to see the pyramids and more.

Must visit – If you are on an all-inclusive holiday, the main appeal may be the simmering weather, the hotel pool, and the sparkling blue sea. Egypt is a country of history and culture, natural beauty and iconic sights, though, and a trip to Cairo is essential for anyone who wants to see more of the real Egypt. Luxor is another place to visit for those hungry for the real Egyptian culture, which is where you’ll find the well-known Karnak Temple complex and the Valley of the Kings.

Family fun – Animal rides on camels, donkeys, and horses are common around Egypt, and are particularly popular in Luxor and the trails above the Valley of the Kings. Cairo is certainly a day trip that families should consider making with its mummies, elaborate jewellery on display, and incredible views of the Nile and desert. Cairo has plenty of local parks for the kids to run around in, as well as marketplaces (souqs) that are treasure troves for bargains and authentic Egyptian souvenirs.

Natural attractions – The Sahara Desert and its fertile oases are exciting and unfamiliar sights for anyone visiting from the UK. In the middle of a vast blanket of gold you can find hot springs, olive and date trees, and trek to Egypt’s Serapium desert forest. This forest is admittedly not naturally-occurring, but instead was planted by scientists where it is now fed with sewage. Doing this helps prevent further “desertification”, which is when fertile land gradually becomes desert, often due to drought.

Culture and history – You’d find it tough to visit somewhere more heavily steeped in its own history and culture than Egypt. The images of the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza, and the tales of ancient pharaohs forming the foundations of future civilisations, are all things you can discover more about during your Egyptian holiday. There are museums across many of Egypt’s main resorts, including the Luxor Museum and the Mummification Museum also in Luxor, and the Marine Museum in Hurghada.

Food and drink – The Egyptian cuisine takes influence from nearby Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. The flavours vary from gentle to strong, and the colours are vivid and beautiful. Traditional meals often start with a soup packed with beans and pulses, followed by a slow-roasted meat dish or fish stew. Desserts will often contain sweet fruit pastries, honey, and lashings of rich yoghurt. Some popular dishes include baba ganoush as a dip, shawarma for the meat fans, falafel made from fava beans, and for your sweet, try the Aish El-Saraya, meaning the bread of the royal palace.

Night life – While much of the Egyptian holiday nightlife is likely to be catered for by the resorts, and there are many resorts with animation teams to keep the kids entertained if you’re visiting with your family, there are many other ways to occupy yourself during the warm evenings, too. The Ice Bar Sharm el-Sheikh is the perfect way to cool off after a long day in the sun, Elements Club & Lounge is a popular nightclub in Hurghada, and The Bartender bar in El Gouna can provide a decent cocktail and live music.

Need to know

  • Local language - Arabic
  • Currency - Egyptian pound
  • Airport - Numerous
  • Flight time - Around 5.5 hours non-stop
  • Average temperature -

    18°C (January) - 33°C (August)

  • Visa requirements - You can get a visa here.
  • Tourist information -
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