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Holidays to Bangkok

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Cheap Bangkok Holidays 2020

Bangkok is one of the world’s major cities and is full of life all year round. The climate is very warm and the atmosphere is very alive making Bangkok a great holiday destination for everyone.

You’ll be in awe during the entire duration of your holiday in Bangkok at how ahead and on top of everything they are there. This city of the future is a great place to visit for your holiday and is a huge change of scenery from what we’re used to here in the UK.

There are vast amounts of amazing culture filled attractions to explore and wonderful exotic shops and holiday activities dotted around just in case the beautiful sights somehow aren’t enough to keep you entertained during your Bangkok holiday.

The Thai cuisine in Bangkok seems to appeal to many people from the UK, so if you enjoy eating holidays, then this may well be perfect for you. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants serving great food at cheap prices all over Bangkok; we definitely recommend you savour as much of the local cuisine as you can throughout your stay.

There are many things that attract people to holidays in Bangkok - whether it be the cuisine, wildlife, shopping, weather, architecture, atmosphere or anything else you can think of, there’s definitely something for you to enjoy on your holiday to Bangkok.

Booking Ahead - Bangkok Holidays in 2020

If you’re looking to save money, then why not book ahead? Great deals and packages are now available for Bangkok holidays in 2020.

Booking ahead for your holiday to Bangkok in 2020 has real advantages. Whether you are booking a romantic getaway or a treat for the family, look no further. Not only can you get an amazing deal by booking in advance, but it will also take the hassle out of taking last minute time off work. The sooner you book, the sooner you can look forward to it!

Book a Bangkok Package Holiday for Next Year & Save Money Now

Wherever you decide to book your Bangkok holidays, there are plenty of packages to suit your budget. Bangkok has plenty of top quality hotels - which can be booked on a bed & breakfast, full or half-board basis. However, many cheap holidays to Bangkok are self-catering. Look at the last minute Bangkok holidays Co-operative Travel have on offer for the latest deals.

Bangkok – Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is known for the liveliness and vibrant street-life. Bangkok is an impressive metropolis that draws in visitors all year round who are interested in the fascinating culture and impressive sights that are available there.

Ideal Time to Go: March-May is a popular time to holiday in Bangkok as these are really warm months and there are festive celebrations during these months in Bangkok. We recommend having your Bangkok holiday between May-October - as these are known as low season, you can get a cheap holiday with nice, bearable weather and not too many crowds of tourists.

Weather: Bangkok has a very warm climate with an average annual temperature of 29°C. The hottest month in Bangkok is April with an average temperature of 31°C. The coolest month in Bangkok is December with an average temperature of 26°C. Towards the beginning and end of the year in Bangkok, the weather is very dry. However, during the middle of the year you should expect to see rain - on average, rainfall during the middle of the year in Bangkok falls at around 180mm over 20 days per month.

Flight Time: A direct flight from London to Bangkok takes less than 12 hours

Time Difference: Bangkok is 6 hours ahead of UK time

Currency: Thai Baht (THB)

Fun Fact: The popular energy drink ‘Red Bull’ was created in Bangkok by Chaleo Yoovidhya in 1976.

Top Tip: Drink lots of water – Bangkok has an extremely hot climate so it’s easy, especially for someone from the UK, to forget to keep rehydrating during their Bangkok holiday!

How to Get There

Holiday flights to Bangkok from the UK are quite common as it is a popular holiday destination and a major world city. You can get a flight to Bangkok from airports all over the UK. However, not all of these flights are direct, and we recommend looking for a direct flight as opposed to connecting flights as this is much quicker and often cheaper too.

Places to Go on your Bangkok Holiday

Bangkok is a beautiful and exciting place with loads of fun and exotic places to explore; here are our top recommended places to visit during your Bangkok holiday:

  • Grand Palace – This marvellous complex of beautiful buildings in the heart of Bangkok is a wonderful sight to behold. This is the official residence of the Kings of Siam and has been since 1782. It is a prime example of exotic and artistic architecture at its finest.
  • Siam Paragon – This is ideal for those who love to go on shopping holidays! It is one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia, and could be the biggest you’ve ever explored. Go take a visit and see what exotic goods you can purchase at cheap prices.
  • Lumphini Park – This is great for those planning to go on a family holiday with the kids, but it’s also a wonderful and beautiful place for the adults to relax and unwind. Come here for a lovely family picnic in the sun or hire a boat and float across the gorgeous lake.


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